Are You Hip to Bone Health?

Walking with confidence, reaching and bending, jumping for joy—healthy bones play a vital role in many of the activities you may now take for granted. To make sure you're up to speed on healthy bone habits, just take our quiz!

1. What factors can affect your bone health?

Amount and intensity of exercise
All of the above

2. Most fractures that result from falls are due to:

Old age
Poor genetics
Reduced bone strength
Lack of proper nutrition

3. At what age do we stop building bones?

80s and beyond
60s and 70s
40s and 50s
20s and 30s

4. When can women start experiencing bone loss?

80s and beyond
60s and 70s
40s and 50s

5. Only "old people" have poor bone health.


6. Which nutrients are vital to bone health?

Vitamin C and vitamin A
Vitamin D and calcium
Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12
Iron and vitamin E

7. Which of these statements about exercise and bone health is accurate?

Exercising about three times a week can help boost bone health.
Strength training is the only thing you need to do to boost bone health.
Aerobic exercises are enough to keep bones strong.
The more exercise you get, the better.

Quiz: Are You Hip to Bone Health?
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