• Bone Density Testing: What to Expect
• Did Osteoporosis Cause Your Fracture?
• Osteoporosis at a Glance

• What You Need to Know
• Why Your Spine, Wrists & Hips Are
  at Risk
• Top Bone-Health Myths—Set Straight!
• Osteoporosis Fast Facts

• Separating Myths From Facts

  How Fragile Are Your Bones?
• How Your Spine Changes as You Age


• Understanding Your Treatment Options
• Which Medication is Right for You?
• Your Healthcare Team
• Questions to Ask Your Doctor
• Medication and Bone Density
• Understanding a Bone Density Scan


• Quiz: Are You Hip to Bone Health?
• News About Bisphosphonates
• Why Menopause Raises Your
  Osteoporosis Risk

• What You Need to Know About

• My Story: "I Was Silly to Put Off
  Getting My DXA Scan!"

• 10 Secrets to Stronger Bones



Lifting your grandchild. Enjoying a day at the mall. Going grocery shopping. Strolling along a boardwalk: While it may not occur to you, strong, healthy bones make it possible for you to keep doing the things you love.

Indeed, it’s all too easy to take your bone health for granted and to ignore the easy steps that can protect your skeletal system and, more important, preserve your freedom and independence well into old age.

Luckily, this site provides the facts, tools and tips you need to stay on top of your bone health. Read it at your leisure and be prepared to talk about your bone health at your next checkup. Whether or not you have osteoporosis, you’ll get all the know-how you need to keep your bones strong and sturdy.


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